Hello teams! Thank you for visiting Pharoscheer.com, home of the Lightest Shoe in Cheerleading! We are on the search for one talented, extraordinary, and powerful team to be featured in our next National Video Series! These videos can include: stunting, tumbling, jumps, and everything else cheer related! Although teams are encouraged, individuals can also submit videos of themselves!

How to Enter: To be considered for our Nationally Featured Team: Follow these few simple steps!

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  4. Be sure to include your Team Name, Gym Name, Level, Address, Phone Number, and a Contact Name!

We are looking forward to seeing and reviewing your video submissions!


Edge Cheer Family

By submitting your videos to Pharos, please note that this constitutes allowing Pharos to post your video and/or use it in future advertisements. If your video is published, Pharos will compensate you with one free pair of Cheerleading’s Lightest Shoe, the Pharos LiteKnit Aerial!